RISE. Resilience and innovation through strengthened entrepreneurship.
Virtual Study Visit

The project consists in strengthening (with courses, internships, job placements, etc.) the social entrepreneurship system in Morocco and Tunisia, developing the potential of innovative entrepreneurial activities, and improving the institutional, technical, social, and economic conditions in these two Countries, for inclusive growth and job creation.

DAY 1 // 24 MAY

Presentation of the studies on the sectors with the most potential in terms of employment for young people and women in Morocco, Tunisia and Italy

DAY 2 // 25 MAY

Tunisian, Moroccan and Italian social enterprises resilient to the Covid 19

DAY 3 // 31 MAY

Projects to foster social entrepreneurship at local level in Italy, Morocco and Tunisia

    Aspiring social entrepreneur / Future entrepreneur social / Aspirante imprenditore socialeSocial entrepreneur of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises / Entrepreneur social des micro, petites et moyennes entreprises / Imprenditore sociale di micro, piccola e media impresaSocial entrepreneurship support organization / Organisme de soutien à l’entrepreneuriat social / Organizzazione di supporto all’imprenditoria socialeOther / Autre / Altro

    Agrifood / AgroalimentaireHandicrafts / Artisanat / ArtigianatoSustainabile Tourism / Tourisme durable / Turismo sostenibileEducation / Éducation / EducazioneCreative and cultural industries / Industries créatives et culturelles / Industrie creative e culturaliOther / Autre / Altro

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